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Splash pools offer an attractive alternative to expensive in-ground pools. A young family will pay $35,000 $40,000 for an in-ground pool locally. Splash Pools offer a wide range of sizes to fit the family size, the backyard size, and also the size of the family budget.  The 21' x 41' Splash Super-Pool is larger than most in-ground pools, but we are able to offer it at a fraction of the cost compared to in-ground models,

An important consideration is durability and safety when deciding on a pool to purchase,. Splash Pools has one of the safest and most efficient skimmers in the industry. The ladder was designed specifically for the Splash pool and offers security and safety not found with any other pool in their class. The Splash pool liner is the most durable in the pool industry. When a person looks at the safety and durability features of the Splash pool and all of the other options available, the product sells itself.

Families move regularly as they get larger or with career changes. Getting your investment back from an in-ground pool may be a difficult task. The portability of a Splash pool allows you to take the pool down and take your investment with you. Even metal wall pools can't offer that.

Spas Pools and Patio, a factory outlet, offers custom instillation of Splash above ground pools.


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