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Thank you for your interest in ProSun tanning equipment!  We have such a wide variety of equipment available that we can meet any home owner’s needs and budget. 

ProSun has been a manufacturer of commercial tanning technology since 1979.  The companies emphasis on quality and safety has gained it worldwide recognition as a leader in tanning equipment.  A lot of that experience came into play when it developed this new line of residential tanning beds.

ProSun uses its commercial know-how to provide an enjoyable and affordable deep bronzing experience for the home tanner.  Its residential line employs SmartDesign Technology to provide innovations like the Turbo Cooling system, the Easy Acrylic Removal system, the ProTech bronzing lamps, and much more.  Also offered isSkin Rejuvenating technology for the optimum balance of tanning and beautification.   Choosing ProSun equipment brings all of this technology into the home.

  • Jade Series is a dream come true for home tanners:  it has the largest tanning surface area in the home market, and the acrylic surface is slightly curved to offer additional comfort.  Cosmetically, the Jade is essentially a commercial bed, since it features the same high quality steel frame and cover panels as our Onyx Series- our commercial beds.  In fact, our Jade 26 is an Onyx hybrid, using the same canopy and extra long ProTech bronzing lamps as our Onyx 28 Dual. 

So what sets the Jade apart from the Onyx?  Jade models all run on 120 volts, your standard utility outlet.  Energy efficiency meets super bronzing results with the Jade, and the new Jade SR provides Skin Rejuvenation for maximum benefits to the facial area.

When someone sees you, especially for the first time, they see your face, and you want them to see how healthy you are and how healthy you look.  You want them to comment on your healthy glow. The Jade SR is perfect for making that powerful first impression.

The Jade SR stimulates natural color and smoothness, helping skin look younger.  Using red wavelength light, the Jade SR’s Skin Rejuvenation system can result in a reduction of marks like wrinkles and crow’s feet.  These youth enhancing lamps are fitted between the 75 inch combi-lamps and can be turned on or off separately from the tanning lamps.

  • Azure Series  is the largest mid-range home tanning bed in the industry.  It has an open frame and deep curved bench for excellent exposure and all-around tanning.  The bronzing system in this bed is like no other.  All of the Azure beds come with both face and arm bronzers.  The lamps are positioned close together for concentrated tanning strength not found in any other bed of its size.  The Azure is the most efficient mid-range bed on the market.

  • Soleo Series is ideal for entry level home tanning.  If you’re not quite sure which home tanning bed is for you, the affordable Soleo is the perfect way to get started.

And now you can own a tanning bed for no more than buying a membership in a salon.  With our instant financing, no money down is required and payments are usually less than a salon membership, but you’ll get the convenience of tanning in your own home, on your own schedule, without making appointments, and the whole family can use it (rather that just the one person who owns the membership).

We have the experience and information to help you get the best tanning and rejuvenating results. We’re confident that you will make the right decision for your purchase, We wish you the warmest and most convenient ProSun tanning experience.


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