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Mission : General Administration is responsible for implementing policies and directives of the District, which is a self-governing community that provides governmental services.  This division provides guidance in leadership and management of the District’s mission, vision and strategic plan.

Program Description:  General Administration is responsible for District operations in general government, establishing standard operating procedures and innovative approaches that continuously improve departmental management and employee support services through the District.  The budget for General Administration includes funding for the General Manager, Board of Supervisors, Human Resources, and Legislative and Records Management programs.  The General Manager is the chief executive officer of the District and under the direction of the Board of Supervisors has general supervision of all the services and functions of the District in accordance with district policies.  Responsibilities include agenda preparation, state compliance records management and meeting protocol, budget oversight, proactive management of human resources, training and program development, community visioning, and forecasting to adapt and meet the future needs of the District.

In FY 2005, the administration will meet the priority one year goals set by the Board of Supervisors during strategic planning work sessions.  These include issues related to the District’s finances, community unity and land development.  We will continue working towards improved and diverse services for the community, effecting the comprehensive capital improvement program, obtaining grant monies to assist with District-wide projects, improving communications with residents, marketing District operations and land development for growth opportunity, and ensuring responsive service delivery to all residents of Sun ‘n Lake.     

Administrative Services
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