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Mission :  Public Affairs is responsible for providing a central public information program, bringing together all communications resources to disseminate information, promote and report District services. 

Program Description:  The program will include a proactive effort to disseminate information about District services, policies and issues of concern, crisis communication, and special events, and will continue

to assure that public business is conducted in an open and unrestricted manner.  Special emphasis will be placed on facilitation and visioning to find a common link between property/homeowners associations, their neighbors, residents, businesses, and civic organizations in order to build common goals.

In FY 2005, an intense effort will be made to promote mutual understandings to the wide range of constituent groups in order to foster understanding and coordinate responses to local public policy issues, and assist members of the community in accessing resources available.  This outreach program is intended to provide expert guidance and assistance in the following areas: building relationships, reporting developments, facilitating collaborative efforts, and managing conflict resolution.  A community visioning plan will be devised and implemented by year end.

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