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One of the most notable features that sets our community apart from many others is our Utilities Department. With two waste water treatment plants and a drinking water pumping system, we provide our residents with an in house water and sewer system. Our Utilities Department has a budget of over $1 million each year, paid for by each resident's water and sewer bill.

Our two waste water treatment plants processes and purifies over 510,000 gallons per day.

The Utilities Department has a staff of eight individuals, including a Director of Public Works and Utilities, Bob Szrot, PE. Please feel free to contact Mr.William (Bill) Weakley at or 863-385-4144 with comments or concerns.

In FY 2005, the Utility Division will strive to have the automatic radio read water meter system specifications in place to present the entire package to the board for their consideration.  Another project the division would like to propose for consideration is the necessity of a new wastewater treatment facility, which could be a "Re-Use" facility.  The division hopes to continue the preventative maintenance program with the gravity feed sewer mains leading to the wastewater facility on Florida Avenue. 

Utility Program Discription: The Utility Division provides safe drinking water for the entire Sun 'n Lake community and maintains this critical asset to the strictest standards set by the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection in compliance with the Department of Health.  In addition, the division maintains governmental standards for reporting water and wastewater laboratory data, ensures compliance with new permitting procedures, and maintains current testing procedures and proper licensing.  Maintenance of the water and wastewater systems are in accordance with state policies by using up to date technology and equipment to protect the groundwater source that the community survives upon.

The mission of the Utility Operations Division is to provide safe drinking water and provide adaquate flow for fire protection as governed by the State of Florida.  With this mission, it is our responsibility to ensure quality and safety in all aspects of our potable water and domestic wastewater system.

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