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Facilities & Ground Maintenance

Mission : The mission of the Facilities and Grounds Maintenance Division is to ensure public and employee safety while utilizing District public grounds and buildings in addition to ensuring that all areas accessed by the public are clean and well maintained.

Program Description: The division is responsible for all repairs, maintenance and improvements to all District buildings including Towne Hall, the Community Center and appurtenances, and the Candlelight Restaurant and Lounge building along with all other facilities accessed by the public.

FY 2005, the new division will continue to evaluate the condition of buildings and grounds to determine the amount of maintenance and repairs required for the District to maintain beautiful facilities and grounds for an improved quality of life

Road & Drainage Division

Mission :  The mission of the Roads and Drainage Division is to ensure public safety while utilizing District roads and sidewalks and to ensure that all of the District common areas are well maintained, manicured, and to maintain all mitigated wetland areas throughout the District.

Program Description:  The division maintains all roads, right-of-ways and drainage ditches within the District. 

 In addition, the division is responsible for all landscaping and beautification of right-of-ways and ensuring that all garbage and debris is picked up.  The division maintains irrigated areas of the District including mowing, fertilizing and general up-keep of the grounds.  The flood control/stormwater management personnel are responsible for mowing the drainage areas and preventing harmful vegetation from invading the mitigated wetlands. 

In FY 2005, the Roads and Drainage Division will continue with the Street Improvement Program and re-pave additional roads to improve the driving experience and beautification within the community.  In addition, poor drainage areas of the district will be addressed through the drainage improvement program and the District will work earnestly to ensure that the sidewalk program is well underway.

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